Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to My Blog!

This blog was created to share my thoughts, stories and ideas. As a middle aged man who has served in the military, see a lot of the world, and just generally experienced a lot in life, I hope to share my notes, journey, and lessons with anyone out there willing to listen.

In this blog you can expect me to discuss day to day life, current events, history, hobbies, and more! My writing style will reflect my personal tone and voice, so please don't take this too seriously! All I ask is for in return is an open mind (doesn't mean you have to agree), and civilized responses.

About Me

I was born in Indiana but grew up in Corpus Christi Texas and West Monroe Louisiana.

I joined the Navy in 1991 and served 20 years before retiring from active duty. During my time in the Navy I earned 8 Navy Achievement Medals, 4 Good Conduct medals, as well as medals from Operation Red Crown (former Yugoslavia), Operation Enduring Freedom, and the Global War on terrorism (North Arabian Gulf)

I currently live and work in Jacksonville Florida with my wife of 27 years and our 18 year old daughter.

Since returning to civilian life I have earned my Degree in Business Administration from Saint Leo University and I am currently employed as an Engineering Controls Technician at SERMC Mayport, FL.

I am a Master Mason and member of J. Wendell Fargis Masonic Lodge #356 F&AM, Neptune Beach, FL.

I like coffee and spending time with my family. In my free time I enjoy fixing stuff, learning new technologies, learning to code, tinkering with Raspberry Pi, Arduino and playing golf.

Open Discussion

So please share your thoughts with me! Whether you shoot me an email or write a comment, I am always eager to listen to your thoughts and I hope we can learn from each other. I am not easily offended, so lets have a healthy and civilized discussion!


Have any questions? Feel free to shoot me an email and I'll try to get back to you as quickly as possible.


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