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I welcome divergent opinions. No, seriously. I do. I mean it. I do not claim to have cornered the market on knowledge. And I encourage intelligent and informed debate about the issues raised in this blog. Please feel free to share your opinions, insights, etc., just do not devolve to insults and name calling.

But I do insist on a couple of things. It is, after all, my sandbox. I get to make the rules. There are not that many of them, and they are not particularly difficult.

1. Be Professional. You can disagree with me or anyone else who makes a comment all you want. But be polite. Save the personal attacks for your own blog, Facebook page, or wherever.
2. I reserve the right to edit or delete any rude or offensive language or posts (in accordance with Rule 1). This is a purely subjective standard. I won’t delete your post for disagreeing with me but I draw the line at overtly offensive or belligerent comments, even if you are a friend of mine. If you have to resort to insults to make your point, you need to work on your debating skills.
3. Don’t try to sell me something. I don’t care how nifty your SEO plugin is. I’m not buying it, and your post gets tossed into the spam bin. If I’m looking for new products, I’ll ask people I trust. If you have to ask who that is, it ain’t you.
4. If you want your comment posted, I want to see a real name. If I can’t verify your identity, or if your email isn’t valid, your comment gets trashed. Trolls can find another bridge to hide under.

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