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Vaccine Passports and Coerced Vaccines

  Vaccine passports and coerced vaccines are not just immoral, but incompatible with the fundamental rights and freedoms we expect as part of the social contract in a free and democratic society. In the UK, citizens have recently been told that vaccine passports (specifically vaccines, not tests or proof of recovery) are to be made compulsory in all areas where large crowds gather. Additionally, there is to be an app released to give people 'rewards' in exchange for tracking what we eat and how much we exercise. They have criminalized protests that so much as cause a 'nuisance' with penalties of up to ten years imprisonment. This goes to show that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It seems to be only the Conservative Right and people like DeSantis who understand the dark path we are being led down by the massive arrogation of state power during the Covid crisis. People are far too worried about covid, and not worried enough about the disease of aut