Fake News and Media Bias


I saw a recent article posted on Social Media by a a news aggregation site called "Raw Story". Of course their stories are anything but 'raw'. In fact they aggregate news from AFP and Reuters as well as summarizes news from other sources.


Just like most of the mass media these days, they cite another media outlet (Vanity Fair) who cites two more outlets (Bloomberg & Axios) who then consist of statements like "an anonymous source...", "someone close to the White House said...", or my favorite line the Axios article: "One person who spoke with the president interpreted his thinking this way"


This from Media Bias/Fact check site:

"Overall, we rate Raw Story Left Biased based on story selection that favors the left and Mixed for factual reporting due to half-true, false and unproven claims, as well as promotion of mild pseudoscience misinformation."


I see media bias and people's bias going in a circle. People only read and believe information that reinforces their own beliefs and opinions. They never dig deeper into sources or facts that might call into question those beliefs and opinions. This has led to the media feeding and feeding on people's love and hate for our president and the political division in our country.


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